information and Rest Infrastructure in Santorini

The design and installation of the information and rest infrastructure for visitors of the Nea Kameni volcano in Santorini aim at creating an end result that is fully adapted to the dramatic and wild beauty of the landscape, in order to function as an open, outdoor museum space.

The new equipment at the reception areas and along the hiking trails of Thera volcano aims at aesthetically and functionally upgrading and complementing the already existing infrastructure in various sites on the Nea Kameni islet. Given its distinctive aesthetic and functional quality, the new infrastructure guides, informs, protects and allows visitors of the unique volcano of Thera to rest.

Kiosks, open-air shop, signposts, signage and environmental interpretation stands aim to create an open exhibition space, where the exhibit is the volcano itself. This enhances the understanding and consequently the protection of this unique natural monument. The forms, textures and colors of the infrastructure are inspired by the volcano itself and are in total harmony with it. With their functional integrity and aesthetic approach, they contribute to the creation of a unified, contemporary visual identity of Thera volcano.

concept design, consulting, graphic design, visual identity, signage


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Nea Kameni Volcano, Santorini

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