Integrity | Comprehensive services from the initial idea to the final result.

Thanks to our specialised human resources, equipment, facilities and infrastructure, but also by leveraging an extensive and structured network of external partners of multiple specialties, throughout Greece and abroad, we are able to undertake all facets of a project. We perform or direct all stages of the creative and production process, from initial concept to final production and implementation.

As part of this approach, we also provide horizontal complementary services, which however are equally important for the successful outcome of a project:

  • consalting,
  • networking and developing synergies,
  • maturing projects and finding financing,
  • feasibility and viability studies,
  • personnel training,
  • technical support and after sales service,
  • publicity and communication.

Implementation of traveling exhibition from the initial concept to the construction of its final form -
exhibition AIGAION - Birth of an Archipelago
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Entrepreneurship | Strengthening and supporting start-up and collaborative innovative entrepreneurship.

On our own initiative and in cooperation with the companies UniSystems and Mobics, we created the start-up company Museotek. It is an innovative digital-interactive platform that offers remote educational programs from museums and cultural institutions to students, allowing the latter to remotely browse exhibits, evidence, collections and cultural wealth in general.

Museotek is bringing museums to schools no matter where they are located.

Following our inspiration and with our coordinated actions, the Innovative Design Cluster was established and approved by the Ministry of Development and Investment. It is a collaborative innovation formation whose members incorporate original and specialised creative design into their activities. The first - and unique to date - cluster in this sector in Greece has as its structural component the Thessaloniki Design Week, an institution dedicated to design and creativity.

IDC Workshop June 2023

Sustainability | Our aim is that our projects incorporate processes and conditions of sustainability, both in the initial design of proposals and in their implementation.

Sensing the challenges of the times, we research and introduce innovative solutions, with the aim of making the energy footprint of our projects as small as possible.
The reuse of materials in exhibition constructions, the reduction of energy costs in museums and research in digital technologies, applications and products, are our constant concern and continuous research in the context of sustainability and a circular economy.

GNTo "Green Pavilion" at WTM 2022, designed and implemented so that it follows the principles of the green economy

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