Cultural infrastructures at Leonidio, Arcadia

A series of cultural infrastructures at Leonidio in South Kynouria was implemented to showcase the rich cultural and historical wealth of the area.

For Fabbrica Of Culture, TETRAGON and OIKOM made the museologic and museographic design and implemented the permanent exhibition, which focuses on the agricultural production and the sea trade of Eastern Peloponnese.

The exhibition is housed in the Fabbrica building in Leonidio, which used to be a power plant and school. Scenographic means and semantic references are widely used to narrate the area’s history and its particularities, as well as a wealth of visual material, interactive applications and museopedagogical means, based on the vast documentation material from the archives of Leonidio and private collections from local families.

Graphic design is by Marietta Panidou while texts are written by Christos Zafeiris.

A brilliant example of Tsakonian architecture and one of the most mature and grand buildings of Kynouria, the Tsikaliotis Mansion at Leonidio incorporates all the evolution stages of the local traditional architecture and all the influences, from Byzantium to the Ottoman period, in a daring juxtaposition and refinement.

The mansion visitors have the opportunity to discover and explore one of the most beautiful and characteristic mansions of Peloponnese and at the same time find what makes the traditional architecture of Tsakonia worthy and special, through the exhibition housed now in the mansion, which, by using rich visual material, interactive applications and museopaedagogical games, showcases the buiding as well as the architectural frame where it belongs and of which it is a splendid sample.

TETRAGON along with OIKOM created the museological and museographical plans and did the construction. The texts of the exhibition were written by archaeologist Spyros Tsafaras, while the graphic design was done by Thanassis Georgiou.

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Municipality of South Kynouria




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