Environmental Infrastructures in Kynouria

It concerns a group of environmental infrastructures, from Information Centres to signage, installed in selected points of interest, aiming to showcase the area to tourists and inform visitors about matters of culture and nature.

TETRAGON along with OIKOS – OIKOM designed and installed three information centres at Mount Parnon: at Agios Petros, Astros and Kastanitsa. Photos in the information centre installations by D. Michail.

TETRAGON realised the museological and museographic design as well as the construction of the Kastanitsa Information Centre permanent exhibition, which focuses on traditional professions of the area, its history and the particular architecture of Tsakonia.

Kastanitsa is considered to be the oldest village of Mount Parnon and according to written testimonies it is the oldest Tsakonia village with significant contribution to all national battles. The village and the surrounding area have been declared “a place of special natural beauty” and belong to the permanent list of declared archaeological sites and monuments of Greece. Due to rough terrain and lack of roads, it developed all the infrastructures of the pre-industrial economy, traditional craftsmanship, the exploitation of native chestnut trees and the professions that made it self-sufficient, of lime maker, lumberjack and wrangler, which were interwoven with the local geophysic and social particuliarity.

Recreations, dioramas, scenography and large prints host texts, original photos and documents, creating unified compositions to help perceive the organisation of the exhibition.

The signs provide basic accessibility and orientation information about the local road network and the urban landscape, while at the same time indicate destinations for recreation and information, highlight cultural and environmental landmarks, and present scientifically established information on local culture and nature. In addition, QR codes are attached to the signs, enabling the connection of other digital information systems to the available outdoor network.

Five types of signs were constructed varying in material, design approach, height, and content, depending on the PoI. The combination of wood and metal on the surfaces of the signs, the stands and the information point in Leonidio gives an exceptional end result, both aesthetically and functionally. Constructions of a contemporary aesthetic, made from materials that are in harmony with the landscape, aiming at creating a coherent visual identity for Kynouria.

concept design, consulting, documentation, digitization, storytelling, copywriting, audiovisual productions, visual identity, graphic design, lighting, signage, museology, museography


Municipalities of North and South Kynouria
Management Body of Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland


Kynouria, Peloponnese


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