Volcanological Museum of Nisyros

The Volcanological Museum of Nisyros, unique of its kind in Greece, with a panoramic view towards the caldera, is housed in the renovated Elementary School of Nikia. The old teaching rooms were united to make the exhibition space while the area of the central entrance became the reception.

TETRAGON made the museological and museographic design, the graphic design, the museum’s visual branding, print material and constructed the permanent exhibition. The colours and textures of exhibition means, as well as the lighting, reference the characteristics of the volcanic landscape. The curves that dominate the exhibition reference lava flows and the curved shape of the caldera. A unique collection of volcanic rocks, with 250 items, is housed here. Apart from small, valuable and fragile rocks protected in showcases, the rest stand free in the space and to the visitors’ touch, aiming towards a strong experiential and interactive experience.

Beyond traditional means of communication, one can find in the volcanological museum interactive screens with digital representations and video projection showing the creation of Nisyros and other active Aegean volcanoes. The three-dimensional model of the island explains its creation in a comprehensive way. The contribution of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and volcanologist G. Vougioukalakis was invaluable.

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