amazing stories
into engaging environments

We seek to tell stories in an alternative and innovative way to visitors of museums, exhibitions, cultural sites, monuments, attractions and other points, places or areas of cultural interest. We enrich their tour with interactive, experiential and multi-sensory elements and stimuli.

We create cultural spaces with aesthetic, functional and technical perfection. We apply a holistic approach, which - apart from architectural, exhibition and graphic design - also includes more broadly design and design-thinking methodologies, digital technologies and new media, as well as art, education and entertainment.

concept design
audiovisual productions
visual identity
graphic design
museum display cases
exhibition structures
traveling & temporary exhibitions
experience design
digital & interactive applications
multiple realities VR | AR | MR
accessibility solutions
personnel training
after sales service

Archaeological Museum of Alexandroupolis

museography, exhibition structures

ΙΔΕΑ | Ancient Greek Science an Technology

concept design, museology, museography, traveling & temporary exhibitions, exhibition structures, digital & interactive applications

Archaeological Museum of Polygyros

consulting, museography, exhibition structures

Archaeological Museum of Chania

graphic design, exhibition structures, signage

Museum of Contemporary Art "Konstantinos Xenakis Art Gallery"

signage, exhibition structures, graphic design, lighting


traveling & temporary exhibitions, exhibition structures, museography, lighting, signage

Silversmithing Museum at Ioannina

lighting, museum display cases, exhibition structures

Chios Mastic Museum

museology, storytelling, graphic design, exhibition structures

Cultural infrastructures at Leonidio, Arcadia

digitization, digital & interactive applications, experience design, museology, museography

Information Centre For The History And Maritime Tradition Of Moudros

museology, museography, audiovisual productions, museum display cases

Science Centre And Technology Museum NOE­SIS

museography, museology, audiovisual productions, traveling & temporary exhibitions

Historical Museum of Alexandroupolis

museography, museology, documentation, digitization, lighting, museum display cases

Center of Byzantine Culture of Halkidiki

museography, museology, exhibition structures, museum display cases, lighting

Byzantine Museum of Didymoteicho

museology, museography, museum display cases, exhibition structures, digital & interactive applications

Eleftherios Venizelos Residence

museography, museology, graphic design, museum display cases

Temporary Cultural Exhibitions In Shanghai

museology, museography, graphic design, exhibition structures, traveling & temporary exhibitions

Journalists' Union Of Macedonia And Thrace Daily Newspapers

museography, museology, concept design, graphic design, exhibition structures

Temporary Exhibitions for the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation

concept design, museography, museology, graphic design, exhibition structures, traveling & temporary exhibitions

GEO Mythology | from Myth to Reality

museology, museography, storytelling, audiovisual productions, visual identity, graphic design, traveling & temporary exhibitions, multiple realities VR | AR | MR, digital & interactive applications

Centre for the Promotion of the history, folklore and cultural heritage of Ano Stavros

museography, museology, concept design, documentation, storytelling, graphic design, exhibition structures

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