Design and implementation of an interactive virtual reality platform that gathers elements of intangible cultural heritage from available sources at points of cultural interest.

The application is a starting point for creating indoor and outdoor environments, images and elements of virtual and augmented reality that will be able to revive and represent elements (eg traditional dances, stories, etc.) of intangible heritage, but also create new spatial and virtual transcripts, thus promoting new uses for it. Forms of intangible cultural content include the depiction of cultural knowledge and expressions of human creativity that are transferred verbally or non-verbally in a variety of forms (eg traditional dances, stories, folk traditions, etc.).

consulting, concept design, digitisation, storytelling, audiovisual productions, multiple realities VR | AR | MR, visual identity, knowledge dissemination


Operational Program “Research-Create-Innovate”


AUTh Department of Architectural Engineering - ΙΝΝΕΝ
Friends Of Music Society

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