Archaeological Museum of Polygyros

The Archaeological Museum of Polygyros, a benchmark for the promotion of Chalcidice’s cultural reserve, is located at Iroon square, in the centre of the city, and houses invaluable archaeological finds of the wider region, as well as the exceptional “Ioannis Lambropoulos Collection”.

We designed and installed the museum equipment of the new permanent exhibition, which is organized over four thematic sections and has been enriched with an array of multimedia applications. The re-exhibition of the archaeological material showcases and highlights the excavation research and the history of Chalcidice in a comprehensive, graphic and comprehensible way.

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Ephorate of Chalcidice and Mount Athos




Polygyros, Chalcidice

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The specific Museum was founded in 1971, according to the plans of the excellent architect Dimitris Fatourou. It was a small space, but it satisfied the needs of that time. When the donation of the extremely important Lambropoulos collection came, the State had to find a solution to house these valuable finds. This is how the extension of the building was planned. Thanks to the exemplary work of the Ephorate of Antiquities, today we can give back the Museum to the local community and to the thousands of visitors to the area

Lina Mendoni, Minister of Culture

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