Special architectural studies – Museographical studies
As a result of multilevel collaborations, with the preparation of special architectural studies, we contribute to the scientifically documented organisation of museum and exhibition space. Museographical design, reshaping and designing their equipment, is a basic part of TETRAGON's activities.

Contribution to the museological and museographic study of the basic section A of the permanent exhibition of the Byzantine Museum of Halkidiki at N. Flogita

Exhibition for Traditional Architecture at the Tsikaliotis Mansion, Leonidio

Design for the exhibition of collections and visual material for the Eleftherios Venizelos Residence at Halepa, Chania

Museum for the Promotion and Showcasing of Nautical Tradition at Neapoli Voion

Re-installation of the exhibition at the Petralona Museum

Centre for the Promotion of Agricultural History and the Sea Routes in East Peloponnese, “Fabbrica” Leonidio

Information Center for the Management Body of the Pamvotis Lake

Volcanological Museum of Nisyros

Natural History Museum of Lake Doirani