Innovation Investment Plans Region of Central Macedonia


TETRAGON AE, Information Technologies Institute CERTH

VR Expo

Platform for the realisation of virtual-interactive commercial exhibitions

The project’s aim is the development of a platform with the main characteristics of easy and without special technical knowledge creation of virtual-interactive stands and exhibition spaces, as well as browsing these spaces via computer, tablet, mobile phone and VR glasses. With this platform, it will be possible to carry out commercial exhibitions that cannot be held in physical spaces, either due to the restrictive measures imposed at this time to deal with the pandemic or due to other, similar crises that may occur in the future, or due to more general constraints such as economic, social, and geographical. It is worth noting that the platform can be fully functional and usable even after the end of the pandemic and the return to normality, as existing events that will return to their physical spaces, will be able, additionally and in parallel, to offer virtual versions of the exhibitions, serving the remote participation of exhibitors and the public. Furthermore, the platform will provide the possibility of implementing new exhibitions, which will have an exclusively digital format. Therefore, the proposed platform can be an important tool for the, although remote, live and interactive communication and interconnection of the commercial promotion of products and services as well as the realisation of commercial deals.

Platform for the realisation of virtual-interactive commercial exhibitions