The inspiration for the design of the UCHU Fitness Center was based on the need to redefine the concept of “well-being” and identify physical activity as a way of life. The basic principles of the design are clean lines and simplicity in material combination. The form of the facade pursues the optical isolation and privacy through a lightweight metal perforated surface, filling the central workout room with alternating shades. The main entrance reflects the overall design of the space with an imposing linear reception furniture harmonized with the corresponding facade pattern, placed in a vertical glass surface.

The materials, textures and colors were selected to complement the balance and interiority of the space. The metal, wood and glass harmonize with the shades of white and green in clean and modern lines, emphasizing the intention of a minimalist design approach. Space partitioning and the flexibility with different levels of privacy are achieved by alternating metal and glass panels. The sound-absorbing floors were placed in order to absorb vibration, while other furnitures, the lockers, the restrooms and additional storage stands were specifically designed for the functional and aesthetic needs of the space with definite specifications. At the same time, emphasis was given on illumination of space, with different lighting scenarios depending on the needs of each activity and area.
The design of the Laboratory of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of UCHU Fitness Center, represents the high-quality services offered in the field of Health and Fitness, creating a total sense of comfort and harmony.