Municipalities of North and South Kynouria


Kynouria, Peloponnese


The project consists of a number of signs installed at selected points of interest (PoI), aiming at the tourism promotion of the area and informing the visitors on cultural and natural issues.

The signs provide basic accessibility and orientation information about the local road network and the urban landscape, while at the same time indicate destinations for recreation and information, highlight cultural and environmental landmarks, and present scientifically established information on local culture and nature. In addition, QR codes are attached to the signs, enabling the connection of other digital information systems to the available outdoor network.
Five types of signs were constructed varying in material, design approach, height, and content, depending on the PoI. The combination of wood and metal on the surfaces of the signs, the stands and the information point in Leonidio gives an exceptional end result, both aesthetically and functionally. Constructions of a contemporary aesthetic, made from materials that are in harmony with the landscape, aiming at creating a coherent visual identity for Kynouria.
Partner: OIKOM Ltd.