Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation


Piraeus Bank Conference Centre, Thessaloniki


The exhibition “Thessaloniki’s Commerce 1870-1970” presents through unique archival and photographic material the productive history of the old commercial center of the city, during the period 1870-1970, based on the results of a research program.

The exhibition presents Thessaloniki as an important commercial center of a wider production area. The changes as well as the consequences of commercial activities in relation to political planning and economic changes are presented, thus reminding the visitor that many of them still exist. The exhibition is articulated in two main sections, through which the visitor can first comprehend the broader political-economic context and then experimentally explore the history of the commercial center through its known neighborhoods.
TETRAGON realised the museological and museographic designs in collaboration with PIOP, designed and edited the audiovisual projections and implemented the construction.