Municipality of Thessaloniki




On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of the city, a project called “Memory Indicators” was initiated in collaboration with the Thessaloniki History Center, the Journalists’ Union of Macedonia & Thrace Daily Newspapers, as well as a relevant scientific group. The scope of this project was to mark sites and events that played an important role in the city’s modern history.

The initial proposal was approved by the Celebration Committee and was subsequently completed and enhanced. The result was the creation of a comprehensive list of signs-memory indicators for all major monuments, sites, events and personalities that ought to be “unveiled” in the eyes of the modern city walker. Signage-information also includes the Early Christian and Byzantine monuments, which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the post-Byzantine temples, the Ottoman and Jewish monuments, and in general all significant buildings that constitute the unique architectural heritage of Thessaloniki.
TETRAGON carried out the study of the indicators and undertook the construction of both the first pilot applications and the final set of signs. The graphic design was undertaken by Thanassis Georgiou.