Cyprus Department of Forests


Larnaca, Cyprus


The open air exhibition at Larnaca Salt Lake showcases the remarkable features of the natural and cultural environment of Cyprus, aiming to inform and raise awareness regarding its protection. In addition, the infrastructure is being utilized as an organized “alternative” tourism space and further supports the need for environmental education in Cyprus.

Larnaca Salt Lake is a peaceful and quiet place. Therein lies the renovated Hala Sultan Tekke, a Monument from 674 AD. The design of the exhibition, with its materials and colors, is in tune with nature and is inspired by the visual analysis of the landscape destined to be part of. The presence of “built” elements does not prevail, while the reversibility of the intervention has been a prerequisite. The primary and secondary information material and the way they are presented were selected based on pedagogical and communication criteria, as regards to the nature of the exhibition and its predetermined objectives, as well as its audience.