Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum NOESIS


Greece, Armenia, Romania


The traveling exhibition on Industrial Development in the Black Sea Area entitled: COMMON BORDERS, COMMON PERSPECTIVES was first installed in Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum NOESIS.

The exhibition’s theme refers to Northern Greece and Central Macedonia, to the Lower Danube Regional Centers and to Armenia. Focusing on the timeless relationship between the three regions in terms of historical – political – economic context and analyzing cases of secondary production sectors during the period 1870-1950.
Upon entering the exhibition, the visitor comes across the “Black Sea” panel, where the [IEBSA] program is introduced. Afterwards, the “General Timeline” is exposed, summarizing the major political events that shook the world and affected the economies of the three benchmark countries, which are positioned as large autonomous L-shaped islands.
The museology, museographic designs and the final construction were implemented by TETRAGON, Marietta Pannidou was the graphic designer of this project and the scientific committee of the project carried out editing of the visual material.