Attiko Metro S.A.




For Attiko Metro S.A. And Metro Thessaloniki S.A., Tetragon designed and constructed their awarded stands at the Thessaloniki International Fair for many years. Dynamic volumes, curves and elements from the project’s tunnels, data, images and impressive videos created attractive ensembles for informing the public.

The progress and results of the vast and important archaeological work that’s being implemented at the stations located in the centre of Thessaloniki, on Egnatia avenue, was also presented with well aimed, interactive ways.
At the Thessaloniki International Fair of 2016 a subway car was used for the presentation of the companies, as sample of the metro railway to be installed in the future, and the communication of the project was articulated on it, while at the same fair of 2018 the first subway car of Thessaloniki’s metro was presented.