Tsakonian Architecture exhibition at Tsikaliotis Mansion

Experiencing the traditional architecture of Tsakonia through interactive applications and museopaedagogical games, reveals another side of the restored mansion to the visitors and makes children's imagination travel to faraway eras. The design of the exhibition was done with a strong orientation towards smaller ages and for that reason many applications and games are used.
The applications were presented at the European conference of Science Centers and Museums ECSITE at Graz in Austria.

The creative use of building blocks for exploring traditional architecture helps learning through construction. Children recongize the various types of traditional houses.
Discovering the mansion through an interactive application, children find out its various morphological characteristics, divided into four groups per level. The application was designed with an emphasis on tangibility, using sensors, schematic objects and specially designed cards.
With a special treasure hunt, children explore the buiding inside out, discovering hidden “gems”, specially designed metal objects corresponding to the four groups of characteristics.