Thessaloniki Memory Signals

The centenary celebrations from the city's liberation gave cause for the shaping of a proposal, in cooperation with the Thessaloniki Municipal History Center, the Educational Foundation of ESIEMTH and a relevant scientific team, titled “Memory Signals”, a group of markers for places and events that played an important part in the more recent history of the city. This initial proposal, approved by the Centenary Committee, was later completed and extended.
The result was the creation of a comprehensive list of marker-memory signals for all important monuments, locations, events and personalities that need to be “revealed” to the eyes of the contemporary stroller of the city.
The signage – information is extended to the proto-christian and byzantine monuments, characterised as World Heritage Sited by UNESCO, the late Byzantine temples, ottoman and hebrew monuments, and generally all important edifices that comprise the unique architectural heritage of Thessaloniki.
TETRAGON designed the signals and supervised the making of their seven pilot applications. The graphic design is by Thanassis Georgiou.