IDEA - Ancient Greek Science and Technology

The travelling exhibition IDEA – Ancient Greek Science and Technology, presents the evolution of Greek thought that created a series of scientific, technical and artistic fields, leading to technological achievements that influence modern western civilization even today.
The modern way of presenting the exhibition and the use of new digital media, invites the visitors to know, with a comprehensive and entertaining way the world of ancient greek science and technology. The 19 thematic sections include rich visual material, models and reproductions of technological finds, interactive and audiovisual media, 3d virtual projections, achieving a multidimensional reconstitution of the ancient world's technology.
Tetragon and its collaborators was responsible for designing and supervising the exhibition. Its production was handled by the Science Center and Technology Museum NOESIS while Stavros Niarchos Foundation is the exhibition's sponsor. It is scientifically supported by the Association of Ancient Greek Technology Studies (EMAET)