Educational Foundation ESIEMTH

Design and con­struc­tion of the­matic peri­odic exhi­bi­tions in the ded­i­cated space of the Jour­nal­ists’ Union of Mace­do­nia and Thrace Daily News­pa­pers.
Using the same basic infrastructure -partitions, displays, lights- in the same space but each time with a different scenography and graphic design, a transformation of the room materialised to produce the substantial difference of each exhibition. The texts were written by Christos Zafiris. The graphic design was done by Thanassis Georgiou, who was awarded with an EVGE (Greek design award) in 2009 for the exhibition "National Resistance 1941 - 1944 - ​Illegal Press in North­ern Greece".
The exhibitions are: "The pio­neer­ing Greek jour­nal­ists Markides Pouliou" 2007, "National Resistance 1941 - 1944 - ​Illegal Press in North­ern Greece" 2008, "Dic­ta­tor­ship 1967 – 1974 The press resis­tance" Thes­sa­loniki 2009, Athens at MIET 2010 – 2011, "Foot­ballers at Northern Greece stadiums, 1950 - 1979" 2009, "Press rooms from the future" 2010, "From the tricycle to the tanks" at the Thessaloniki History Center, 2011.