Culture and Environment Centre of Divri

TETRAGON with OIKOM planned and implemented the permanent exhibition of the Culture and Environment Center of Divri at the Petralias Mansion, transforming it into a cultural space, where history, nature and the athletic – olympic ideal are showcased.
The permanent exhibition is developed on both floors of the building, with a distinct separation, but parallel existence of information about history, culture and the area's environment. At the first level, the visitor discovers the particularity of Divri's natural environment with rich visuals, dioramas and interactive applications.
At the second floor, the history of the Petralias family is presented, with historical heirlooms and references, while a special area is dedicated to Epameinondas Petralias and his personal collection with important exhibits from Olympic and Mediterranean Games organisations. The exhibition is completed with references to the mythology and history of the area, as well its important personalities.