We create spaces with technical, functional and aesthetic excellence.

Applying the basic principles of architecture, necessity, functionality and aesthetic satisfaction, pursuing the dialectical relationship of architecture to other sciences and arts, we transform spaces into unique and integrated environments. With our specialized scientific and technical staff, as well as with a wide network of experienced partners in Greece and abroad, we undertake every aspect of project realisation, from design and construction to its final form and function.

We design projects and experiences with imagination, boldness and creativity.

We design solutions in every form and scale, from museums and cultural spaces, environmental infrastructure, permanent and periodic exhibitions, exhibition stands and events, to digital and interactive applications, experiential ways of presentation, projection and interaction, complex identity applications. Holistically approaching design, as a concept that influences every aspect of our lives and our daily routine, in relation to the idea, the process and the outcome, we form original and unique experiences.

We invent and develop innovative services and products.

We focus on the research, development and acquisition of cutting-edge technologies, new methodologies, modern practices, concepts and developments, with the aim of introducing and integrating them into innovative services and products focused on documentation, promotion and raise of public awareness on cultural and tourism resources. In collaboration with research centers and academic institutions, other businesses, specialized scientists and professionals, we participate in the implementation of ambitious and innovative projects and activities.

We ensure and enhance communication with the public.

We offer comprehensive branding services to the cultural and tourism sector, the wider public sector and to business entities, always aiming to more effectively capture the values, messages and image of their customers and the general public. We study, manage and create their overall visual identity and communication strategy, emphasizing on the use of new audiovisual media, digital and interactive environments, specially designed interfaces based on experiential and sensory approach.

TETRAGON has been a leader in the field of exhibition architecture, design, culture, tourism and the creative industry for the last decades. Its dynamic course is reflected in the numerous projects it has successfully implemented throughout Greece and abroad, as well as in the trustful relationships it has developed with many and important public and private entities. Now, the company, with vision and extroversion, widens the spectrum of its activities and expands into new fields, proposing, designing, directing and realising all the actions of a project, from its initial conception to the final outcome.
The Company